Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A pumpkin latte & wonderful memories

Today I decided it was time to experience a pumpkin latte. Staying in a beautiful hotel with a Starbucks as I walk past the main desk - I think maybe I will stick to my favorite - cinnamon latte but I decide no it's time to embrace the pumpkin latte - with thanksgiving in a few days and pumpkins everywhere I think it is a pumpkin latte for me. Delicious, warming, tasty and touches my soul as I recap all this trip has given me. I started with an idea of what might happen on my trip and never believed I would be sitting so close to snow covered mountain tops eating pasta in Courmayeur Italy to then landing in Canada seeing the products I have formulated in every health store I visit. I see the Schuessler Tissue Salts on top shelves smiling at me as they have found another home so far from Australia. I greet Canadian practitioners who eagerly want to learn more about Schuessler and the homeopathics I have formulated that they don't look up taking notes trying to capture all I am saying. I hear practitioners saying hw much they love the Kidz Mineral range I formulated many years ago and how much Healthy Appetite has helped little kids eat more of their food rather than being picky. I look at everyone and realize that I have never seen their faces but I feel I know them. I wonder around the room asking - did we meet last year? I wonder what it is that makes us feel we have met in the past - maybe we really are all energy connecting and feeling comfortable to inspire each other wherever we land. I started my journey on what would've been my grandmother's 100th birthday to das spent thanking the day my friend gave me Kali Phos over 20 years ago. I say thank you to my dear friend Dana for creating an amazing platform and allowing me to connect to people I would never have met before and a thank you to Martin & Pleasance for providing me with the opportunity to do all I dreamed of doing - sharing from my heart and creating medicines that would impact cells in the body and mind like no other. I also pay tribute to my clients I met 17 years ago who taught me that we all have habits and that freedom can only be ours when we give the cells the nutrition they need so we can break free in our own time. I am all that I am because of my experiences, friendships and platforms that have been provided for me along the way. My teaching degree has served me eventhough I left the classroom to study Homeopathy. What if everything we start has a way of weaving a web that supports us to land in a more comfortable place that we continue walking towards happiness... As I sip my pumpkin latte I wonder what my next adventure is ....I will make sure to rest before I take off's to all the people who have made me fab hot lattes and to my new friendshipsx

Sunday, 30 September 2012

My serene space

I have been part of a town called Burlington - Oakville and this is where I had my first Cinnamon latte, my first visit in the new Goodness Me training room and the first time I sat amongst some ducks who love Lake Ontario. I sat with them as they circled around me and I felt part of the ebb and flow of this peaceful space in Canada. Walked through Oakville yesterday after teaching my final seminar for 2012 in Toronto before flying out to Ottawa and was touched by the friendliness that surrounded me. I watched how everyone who came to my seminar gave me a hug and the welcome I received when I walked into stores - Canadians just love the Australian accent which surprises me. I think we need to lift our game and try to become a bit more welcoming and gentle as a nation like the Canadians I have met. I travel with an amazing woman called Dana who is so compassionate and caring that makes my stay here so comfortable. She books hotels that inspire my soul and seminars that allow people from all walks of life to meet me. I know without Dana my stay wouldn't be such a memorable one in Canada. It is the friends who touch our hearts that make a place special. A place no matter where in the world needs people who will take us by the hand showing us places that will become part of our life jigsaw that belong to us. Have you ever met someone and you know that you will have an amazing adventure with them eventhough you are from opposite parts of the world. My sincere gratitude goes to my friend Dana who has taken care of everything and still continues to surprise me with an infectios smile each day. I thanked the lake, the people I met and the ducks that allowed me to sit with them today. I am now ready to fly out to Ottawa to share all that lives in my heart on Schuessler and my experiences to date. Dancing, communicating and freedom are part of all I do in Canada

Friday, 28 September 2012

So far from home but home

I have been traveling for a few weeks but don't feel very far from home in Canada. As I sit watching the beautiful views Lake Ontario provides. Sun is shining and there is a peace that lives in every cell of my body. I have just finished my first cinnamon latte and have time to just be and be grateful for all that I experience in this beautiful space, city I find myself in for a few more days. I look around thinking I will see someone I know but I remind myself I am in Canada and not Australia. After years of creating a formula and many asking drop it to now be in Canada speaking to health professionals on my unique Habit Relief that was inspired from my years spent helping clients restore inner balance when their unhealthy habits took a hold of them. Without my clients and their response to Schuessler Tissue Salts I wouldn't have the confidence to take my formulas around the world as I do today. Years ago when I studied Homeopathy I never thought traveling and speaking on my experiences would have such an impact. I realize now that timing is everything and when we have a dream it is important to keep chipping away and only share with people who can support by listening and letting you find your way. It hasn't always been smooth sailing holding onto my dream and taking the turns necessary to keep my dream alive but I am so happy I stayed on my yacht when the seas became very choppy as I have landed in a space that I can share my unique formulations. It has made me think that we are so quick to give up on our dreams to please or even at times we believe others know best. We know what is best for us and only when we sit still and find a way to work from our heart can we make a difference. Passion cannot be bought but is rather an experience that touches us deep within our soul and we know we can only speak from this base. A woman at one of my seminars said - "Susan you speak from the inside out" - thinking about this I realize that only when we go within can we make a difference on the outerx Passion to me means Persistence Acceleration Support synchronicity Inspiration Openess Never Give Up ....what are you passionate about? Perhaps being at home really is about the mind & body balance that we carry around with us wherever we go. I am grateful for all who have touched my heart on my journeyx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sitting in the middle of Europe

I have spent 5 days living in an amazing place called Courmayeur - Aosta - what a delight to be sitting here chatting with the locals who teach me about this amazing place. I am surrounded by the most amazing mountains. Today Barbara who owns Hotel Dalonne tells me this is the most mountainous region in all of Europe. The moment I arrived here I realized my heart, soul and all that is part of me was at peace. I hear the race through my communications. I came to teach ere but I discovered that Schuessler had inspired me to be part of a world I would not have met had it not been because of my passions. I am so grateful for my love affair with Schuessler and where it takes me around the world. To Courmayeur I say thank you for all you gave me and for the inspiration to share in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I speak little Italian eventhough I studied Italian for years. Yet my little Italian doesn't stop me from sharing with everyone I meet. As I was walking out of a cafe a woman called my name and I was asked some questions about Schuessler Tissue Salts that I answered and off I went walking towards my hotel. It made me realize that when we love what we do we never stop sharing from our hearts. Find something that makes your heart sing and you will be amazed where it takes youxx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Jan Luca & Teresa

I found myself spending so many hours up in the air making my way to Milan. By the time I arrived I was so tired forgetting the day it was and how to best get to my hotel. There weren't any taxis close by and so I started to ask for directions and before I knew it my luggage was taken by someone who came from behind me and informed me my hotel was close. Finally I arrived greeted by the staff at Hilton Milan and I realized I was on the other side of te world. I knew that I had to rest as I had to be up at 5am to catch a cab tote Milan bus depot to make my way to Courmayeur in time for the opening of the conference I was speaking at. Can you imagine my surprise when I checked out to be told that my ticket for Courmateur was for a day prior. I had not checked te date on my ticket believing all was fine. The taxi arrived and it was still dark and all I could think of is what am I going to do with no ticket showing the correct date. Arriving at bus depot I asked the taxi driver where do I go. He pointed his finger and rushed to take my luggage out of his car. I was alone, without a valid ticket, dark and not speaking Italian. With my luggage I made my way into the depot where the lights were on. This is where I approached Jan Luca - he quickly came out of his area to show me where the bus was to arrive. He had little English but kept staying with me which I found comforting. I knew I had to catch a bus in 25 mins yet I couldn't get my ticket upgraded as te office was closed. Still Jan Luca reassured me all will be fine. I started to feel more relaxed and a woman walked past tat knew Jan Luca and she was introduced to me. Her name was Teresa and before I knew it the 3 of us were enjoying an Italian coffee - Teresa looked after my luggage while I was escorted to the little cafe close by. I was touched by the dedication of these two souls who tried so hard to communicate with me and went out of their way to make sure I make my way to the right bus ensuring I make my way to Courmayeur. I was amazed at Jan Luca who liaised with the ticket office staff trying to explain that I already had a ticket from Australia...had it not been for the support of Jan Luca and Teresa I would not have had such a positive outcome in a foreign country. It made me think, how do we all behave when we see someone needing help? Do we go out of our way or do we turn a blind eye? If Jan Luca & Teresa were not so generous with their time I wouldnt have the fond travel memories I do sitting here writing from Courmayeur. I sincerely thank my 2 angels who supported me on Friday morning on my travels and i am inspired to ask everyone to make a commitment to help a stranger as you never know when you may be in a place that is foreign and need the help of an angel. Sincere thanks to my two new friends for finding it in their heart to speak to a stranger. While on the bus I kept thinking about my experience and I was so grateful that I was reminded about the human spirit. We need to become like Jan Luca & Teresa and embrace a stranger - maybe the world is really smaller than we think - one people, one heart, one way!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


We are all aware how much Anastasia cares for Christian and soon she may start worrying about his busy schedule and meet a naturopath who suggests a cleanse or detox is great to do before Spring or for more vitality. With all the cleanses available in the marketplace which one should she choose? There are 1000's of them to select from all promising the same result - healthier liver, improved digestion, more vitality but are we just a liver or a body - isn't our body governed by our mind also - shouldn't we also cleanse the mind from unhealthy habits that often derail a cleanse or detox followed. If Anastasia asked me what cleanse would assist her loved one I would definitely say that a cleanse that fine tunes the cells of the mind and body to better absorb nutrients from diet, supports improved sleep, deals with overindulging and jump starts the liver to rebuild, regenerate and deal with the build up of grief that is always neglected and can add to the toxicity that live in our cells each day for the rest of our lives. So many today are caught up with losing weight and they punish their body for not behaving the way they want it to so they literally starve themselves wondering why their mood drops. Good food is part of the wellness jigsaw but so is a happy mindset, so is a healthy digestive tract, regular bowel movements and regular internal hydration are part of the jigsaw that determine how we feel, look, age, lose weight... Many years ago I realized that if I didn't treat my clients unhealthy habits while supporting them to cleanse their liver I would never have received the results I did. My unique Habit Relief took years of research to formulate a unique combination of micro dose minerals with homeopathics that can link and support your mind as your step into a healthier you. Why would anyone begin a cleanse that doesn't provide the mind and body with the ignition to enjoy an overall Fresh Start? A Fresh Start that doesn't punish you but rather acknowledges the core of you - every cell of you mind and body. My message to Anastasia would be that in order for the body to cleanse and maintain momentum you will need your mind backing you. The brain cells are your driving force and when they are healthy you are motivated, jumping out of your skin and you feel amazing - this is how you need to feel if you would like your body to become the design that you want it to. It is time to make your cleanse an enjoyable adventure where you get to meet you again. Celebrate your Fresh Start by thanking your mind and body duo that are there with you every step of the way. When we want a healthier sea change we need to ensure that our jigsaw is taken care of if we are going to shine from the inside out. So here's to you Anastasia for caring enough for your Mr Grey to go for the superior cleanse that allows the mind and body to sing the same song.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Thank you Sally Pearson & Anna Meares

I haven't followed the training sessions that both Sally & Anna were involved in to prepare for the Olympics but the minute both girls received media coverage,   they were part of my living room. I felt  this real urge to follow all they were doing. I always set my alarm to follow their movements without worrying what time in the morning it was. I just fell in love with these two women I have never met but they both reminded me of the inner drive I had when I started thinking about creating a natural formula to help people break free from their lifestyle habits.

Sally & Anna reignited the flame of what it means to have a dream - a dream that we hold close to our heart, a dream that many assist to derail us from,  a dream that uses up all our funds, a dream we give up on from time to time, a dream that we know deep down we cannot give up on...a dream that walks with us each day...

I felt the joy flood from my heart knowing that both Anna & Sally would have gone through the same ups and downs we as women go through to achieve our dream. The inspiration that I felt still echoes through me and I can still visualize the look on their faces when they knew they had reached their dream.

We are all so busy, moving from one idea to the next but it only takes a few minutes each day to re-focus and re-charge ourself. . Make a choice right now to write down what you are striving for and each day start walking in the direction of your dream. You are allowed to go for GOLD and what we learnt from Sally Pearson & Anna Meares is that it is possible. You too can do it! Let's remember when Anna Meares broke her neck - I am sure she had days when the negative mindset would step in and say "no way" BUT this is the inner drive that should inspire each of us who have given up on a dream! You too can do it - you are a woman after all:
Abundant &

Step into the goddess that lives within you and let's all be part of the winning journey these two amazing women have experienced. Begin to HONOUR yourself and ignite the flame that will inspire you to be the best you can be - set yourself free to SHINE!

Sincere thanks Sally Pearson & Anna Meares for Inspiring me to continue dreaming...

Monday, 6 August 2012

Only 24 days before Spring

The minute I see blossom showing up on the trees in my neighborhood I know it is only a few weeks before my birthday. I start asking myself where have the days gone and what will it take for me to shine again from the inside out. I have many options but stick to my tried and tested homeopathics combined with Schuessler tissue salts to weave their balance deep within my cell membrane creating the platform for  vitality to be enjoyed by me this Spring.

I have become an indoor girl this Winter drinking more hot chocolates than the year before and wondering why the ring around my tummy is stating put for the time being. My mind knows i need to exercise and cut down on the delicious hot chocolates but my body just enjoys what it is used to- A warm blanket wrapped around my body, a good book and taking it easy when i am home. Te whole concept of change isn't as easy to embrace as years before. Am I becoming set in my ways?

No I say to myself - it s time to pull it together and get ready for Spring and my birthday - I realize that I have been eating a few extra snacks of late and my energy levels haven't been the best. I have avoided becoming unwell as I have been working on my immunity but those few extra kilos must go before Spring.

I realize my habits have a mind of their own and I keep telling myself today is the day i will start back at the gym, drink more water, meditate and reduce my snacking - isn't it funny that the more we focus on what we won't do the more we do it !

can already feel and smell  Spring and know that if I don't act today , I won't tomorrow and the next day! I realize I need to cleanse my mind and body and step into the new me in a few weeks. Here I will be different this time as I will be targeting my liver and my habits at the same time  - after years of experience I have come to believe it is our unhealthy habits that always get in the way - wish me luck!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Best Friend's Dad passed away a few days ago

I have been busy all week and wasn't able to see my messages until the end of each day - one message stood out at 5pm on Wednesday from my best friend - my father has passed away. I remember quickly dialing the number and trying to make her pain go away but. Knew that no matter how much I tried my friend was in shock still from the night before. Another friend called and said weren't they expecting him to die ecause of his ill health and I simply replied when are we ever ready for death? I had an early night after a busy weekend promised I would visit my best Friend's mother in the next day or so. I cried that night remembering my best friends father and no matter what day or time of the week and even if I hadn't seen James for years he always greeted me with a smile and would be pleased to see me because his daughter and I met many many years ago. After all the years that went by, he would still stop all he was doing and have a quick chat with me. I never thought I wouldn't see him again and my answer to whether we are ever ready for death - no we are not I got up early yesterday and bought a cake for my best friends mum and off I went. As I pulled up in the street I realized I hadn't been infront of the home for over 30 years. All the years had gone by and I never made the time to have a coffee and chat with my best friend's parents. I made my way up the driveway and was met with my best friends daughter and boyfriend and in I went. There was a picture of James with a candle burning and I sat down. I felt so at home and what followed amazed me. I was transported to a time when I was 14 and remembered all the fun we would have. I couldn't stop chatting and embraced my best friends mum who reminded me what James' last words were. Tears followed and then a lovely Greek coffee made to perfection. More people visited to pay their respects and I felt so close to a family I hadn't seen for such a long time. I felt like the 14 year old girl again embraced with the love from a family who loved me because I cared and enjoyed being with my best friend. I still see their daughter and our friendship is no different than it was all those years ago. I thanked everyone for their love and I left feeling so uplifted as my whole time sitting in the living room where James had often sat very relaxing. It made me think - was James there with us all as we laughed, chatted and enjoyed catching up - was he ready for his passing - did he have a good life? I thought for a moment and realized that James was surrounded by a loving family and created laughter and joy wherever he went. As I prepare to go to the funeral in a few days I will always remember the time spent on Sat in James' home and I will know that James was pleased I came to see his family again. It makes me wonder why we never make time to visit friends as often as we used to. Why do we spend so much time getting on Facebook, computer when we could be sitting with a loved one. I went out with my parents today and realized that they are now elderly and I must do so much more than I do. Let's make everyone we love closer by spending time with them rather than waiting for a time when we are free. Right now is the only time we have to tell someone we care for them....

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Embrace women rather than making them feel inferior

Today I walked into 2 stores and asked for women I had promised to visit. One said to me why do you need to speak with her when I am the manager and the other pulled a face which gave me the impression that I was speaking with someone who didnt respect the person iwent to visit. On both instances I was left bewildered that both women informed me that they were managers. I wasn't asked how they could relay the message to the women I intended to visit and give the gifts I had prepared. There was such abruptness when I was informed that each of the women I spoke with were managers. I don't know about you but I see a manager as a leader, a guide, a motivator, inspirational person, accommodating to embrace her team but I didnt feel any of these qualities came from the 2 women I met. I thought Did they remind me they were managers as a way of reminding me that I shouldn't be looking for the women I intended to see or did they judge the women I had grown to respect over time. I felt so strange leaving both stores that I was reminded of the insignificant games women play in the work place. We forget we work better as a team so the insecure women in the work place who are leaders and managers do all they can to disrupt the amazing flow women can bring in any workplace. To be honest we are all valuable pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and when we realize this we will stop hurting the sensitive souls around who often go unnoticed. I have been made to feel so welcome by one of the women I didn't see today and in the manager of the store being so deliberately arrogant I left feeling imagine what people who work under her leadership feel as they come into work and go home from work. To all women in the workplace lets consider who are the other souls who are part of our work jigsaw puzzle. Let's compliment and add to their life rather than taking away from their life. Aren't we all the same - we have a heart and feelings. When you have been given the role of managing why not be grateful for your team or encourage your team to each make a difference. Only in uniting as women will we make a heartfelt difference. We are different to men and lets get rid of the competition but rather encourage a woman to shine and be grateful for her support. In gratitude we will be able to encourage another woman to support all we do. Next time a compliment is paid to your staff or team make sure to tell them and see the smile and how the energy changes in your workplace. By making another woman shine you will become the beacon you were born to be. A leader who has effective and happy staff. What a better place you can create by simply opening your heart. I don't think I would've given this so much attention if I didn't feel agitated by the 2 managers I met today. A manager is: Mindful Always supportive Noble in her behavior Abundant in knowledge Giving Understanding Loving Until next time we chat make a difference each day and feel the impact life shares....

Monday, 30 April 2012

Ginger & Lemongrass

Sitting in one of my favorite spots in Melbourne - GPO building feeling the city. Sitting in front of me is my cup of ginger and lemongrass tea that always reminds me of my childhood. It's amazing that a simple thing as a cup of tea transports me back to my childhood filled with all those amazing herbs my grandmother grew. She would be so proud to hear that her love of lemongrass has walked with me wherever I go. My day was very much a day of synergy after my inspiring cup of tea. I met up with a woman I hadn't seen for a decade and was reminded of a doctor I worked with a decade or more ago. I wondered where all that time had gone and for a moment I thought I was that 8 year old sipping herbal teas with my grandmother. I had such an amazing day today thinking about the impact my childhood had on me that i said out aloud while driving - thank you grandma for loving me as much as you did and still do from the oter side these days. I don't know if I said thanks enough times to my dear grandmother who taught me so much more than loving ginger & lemongrass. Have you ever stopped and wondered what has inspired you to date? I realized today as I sipped my tea that all I am today is a direct reflection of who I was many years ago. I wonder if we have little reminders like for me the lemongrass & ginger tea to be inspired by all our memories that are locked away until we decide to unleash them. I can tell you that my love of herbal tea has withstood any other relationship I have had and whenever I want to stay warm when I am out - the first tea I think of is lemongrass & ginger. Find what inspires you and I am sure it will take you on an unexpected journey of self discovery!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Surround yourself with Women on 8 th March

I have been celebrating International Women's Day for over 25 years - a day that was introduced to me when I lived in Europe as a younger woman. It is such a big deal in Europe and when I came back to live in Melb, I made it my special event to surround myself with women so we can all sing, dance and shine remembering all that women have done over the years.

I want to remind women to look within themselves and say thank you to the little girl who has walked with them when they have had memorable moments, sad moments, ecstatic moments ... The little girl who is always there supporting you to get through your day.

I invite every woman to make 8th of March a day where they unite with their soul sisters making it an even stronger force - call a friend and share, go out with a group of friends, write a gratitude note to all the women who have supported the freedom of women's rights.

We are where we stand because of all the women in the past who took on challenges So we can enjoy the freedom we do today.

Most of all I am grateful to my mum who had a wish for all her daughters to continue in the path of education. To you my dear mum, I dedicate this upcoming International Women's Day!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Make your past part of your future...

Life moves so quickly, 60 seconds in every minute, 60 minutes in every hour and 24 hours in each day. I don't know about you but there are days I wish time would stand still and today was one of those days.

I was transported to a time and place that I hadn't visited in my mind if not for my beautiful students that I met up with today. Why is it that we forget who we were in our early years basing our life merely on our experiences of only a few years back. If I asked you to transport yourself to a time and place that you inspired others where would that be and who were you with.

If not for courageous students who had an inner calling to reunite with me I would've forgotten the girl that lived within me in my 20's. For those who don't know that since the age of 5 I always wanted to be a teacher - I remember telling everyone that one day I would be a teacher - I never told anyone what kind of teacher I wanted to be but today my students shared experiences they remember that inspired them to always remember me. Why is it that sometimes we forget who we are or who we have inspired. As my students greeted me they called me Miss Gianevsky - it immediately transported me to a time where each day meant so much and seemed to last forever. A time when my grandmother visited my classroom to inspire my kids and a time I still lived with my parents. My students still remember my parents and the names of my sisters.

I cannot explain in words how time stood still for me today - being surrounded by love of students who reminded me that I am still the dedicated teacher I always was and eager to love, laugh and care for the young girls who had become women in their own right with kids the same age as they had been when they first met Miss Gianevsky. One of my students remembers a book I bought her for her 6th birthday that she still has. Why do we forget the impact we have on others rather remembering at times lost dreams and focusing on them.

I realized today that Miss Gianevsky has always been the same - loves children, loves people and sharing all she is passionate about. I realized that even though I had become a Homeopath at the core of me lived a teacher eager to share all she had learnt. It wasn't until today that I realized my love of teaching was ignited long ago but if not for my gorgeous students I would've forgotten the dreams a younger Miss Gianevsky had.

My students today took time out to be with a teacher they loved and added to their positive memories and for this I am eternally grateful. They got to meet Miss Gianevsky again and this time they will sit with me to learn the tools to become stronger, healthier and more focused women sitting again with a teacher they let into their hearts again.

Thank you my dear students for reminding me of all my achievements as a teacher and the impact I have ad on your lives. I love you lots and am rewarded in knowing you again.

If you could go back to a time and place that was fun and filled with promise when and where would it be. For me it has to be the start of my career at Wembley Primary School meeting my amazing students. I thank you girls for igniting my flame and inspiring me to continue running my seminars and workshops always. I am so pleased I decided to become a teacher!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

You are only as strong as your TEAM

I have always believed that being part of a team is much easier than working on own. I have always loved to communicate and brainstorm with like minded women. For me, sharing has always led to inspiration. I realized what a team meant to me when I was no longer part of a team.

A few years ago I decided to disconnect from my team , my support, my lifeline as I felt it was time to make changes in all that I was involved in. The first few months, all was fine as I was setting goals and reminding myself how good it was to break free..this wore off when I didn't have my team around me to share. I longed to ask a question, have a second opinion and even be asked how did my weekend go. Sometimes as women we forget how important it is to nurture the teams that we find make a regular appearance in our daily lives.

A fab young woman reminded me today that we are only as strong as our team and I thought that when I left my team a few years ago, I lost my oxygen that kept me going all those years creating the unique medicines and writing all the educational material on a range of products that have always been close to my heart.

I've only been back in my office for 2 days and already I feel the positive impact of my team. The connectedness is felt from afar and I rejoice in all this provides. My contacts become my teams contacts, my celebrations become my team's celebrations, my company's growth is because of the team effort and so it goes on.

When you are part of a team that validates your ideas and allows you to ignite the internal flame, you become a shooting star able to sprinkle your ideas far and wider than you ever planned.

All it took today for my team to connect with one driving force, was 5 minutes and it started with respect in knowing that my team can also benefit.

So, to all you women who work on your own and keep lot's to yourselves, I invite you to step out of your individual mold and hear what your team has to say - it could be " music to your ears" - a song that you may have never heard if not for your team.

Next time you are working away at your desk, trying to meet deadlines and your brain is crying for some inspiration, connect with your team and before you know it your stress and anxiety will be surprisingly eased.

To be a valuable team player you need to keep a happy heart, remember everyone has a right to their own opinion and to show an interest in all your team members are involved in.

Keeping your team healthy and happy will ensure that the team will always be there for you.

Happy team connecting for a healthier and happier 2012 Remember to live well, eat well & nurture your team....let me know how you go....