Monday, 30 April 2012

Ginger & Lemongrass

Sitting in one of my favorite spots in Melbourne - GPO building feeling the city. Sitting in front of me is my cup of ginger and lemongrass tea that always reminds me of my childhood. It's amazing that a simple thing as a cup of tea transports me back to my childhood filled with all those amazing herbs my grandmother grew. She would be so proud to hear that her love of lemongrass has walked with me wherever I go. My day was very much a day of synergy after my inspiring cup of tea. I met up with a woman I hadn't seen for a decade and was reminded of a doctor I worked with a decade or more ago. I wondered where all that time had gone and for a moment I thought I was that 8 year old sipping herbal teas with my grandmother. I had such an amazing day today thinking about the impact my childhood had on me that i said out aloud while driving - thank you grandma for loving me as much as you did and still do from the oter side these days. I don't know if I said thanks enough times to my dear grandmother who taught me so much more than loving ginger & lemongrass. Have you ever stopped and wondered what has inspired you to date? I realized today as I sipped my tea that all I am today is a direct reflection of who I was many years ago. I wonder if we have little reminders like for me the lemongrass & ginger tea to be inspired by all our memories that are locked away until we decide to unleash them. I can tell you that my love of herbal tea has withstood any other relationship I have had and whenever I want to stay warm when I am out - the first tea I think of is lemongrass & ginger. Find what inspires you and I am sure it will take you on an unexpected journey of self discovery!