Tuesday, 10 January 2012

You are only as strong as your TEAM

I have always believed that being part of a team is much easier than working on own. I have always loved to communicate and brainstorm with like minded women. For me, sharing has always led to inspiration. I realized what a team meant to me when I was no longer part of a team.

A few years ago I decided to disconnect from my team , my support, my lifeline as I felt it was time to make changes in all that I was involved in. The first few months, all was fine as I was setting goals and reminding myself how good it was to break free..this wore off when I didn't have my team around me to share. I longed to ask a question, have a second opinion and even be asked how did my weekend go. Sometimes as women we forget how important it is to nurture the teams that we find make a regular appearance in our daily lives.

A fab young woman reminded me today that we are only as strong as our team and I thought that when I left my team a few years ago, I lost my oxygen that kept me going all those years creating the unique medicines and writing all the educational material on a range of products that have always been close to my heart.

I've only been back in my office for 2 days and already I feel the positive impact of my team. The connectedness is felt from afar and I rejoice in all this provides. My contacts become my teams contacts, my celebrations become my team's celebrations, my company's growth is because of the team effort and so it goes on.

When you are part of a team that validates your ideas and allows you to ignite the internal flame, you become a shooting star able to sprinkle your ideas far and wider than you ever planned.

All it took today for my team to connect with one driving force, was 5 minutes and it started with respect in knowing that my team can also benefit.

So, to all you women who work on your own and keep lot's to yourselves, I invite you to step out of your individual mold and hear what your team has to say - it could be " music to your ears" - a song that you may have never heard if not for your team.

Next time you are working away at your desk, trying to meet deadlines and your brain is crying for some inspiration, connect with your team and before you know it your stress and anxiety will be surprisingly eased.

To be a valuable team player you need to keep a happy heart, remember everyone has a right to their own opinion and to show an interest in all your team members are involved in.

Keeping your team healthy and happy will ensure that the team will always be there for you.

Happy team connecting for a healthier and happier 2012 Remember to live well, eat well & nurture your team....let me know how you go....