Saturday, 11 February 2012

Make your past part of your future...

Life moves so quickly, 60 seconds in every minute, 60 minutes in every hour and 24 hours in each day. I don't know about you but there are days I wish time would stand still and today was one of those days.

I was transported to a time and place that I hadn't visited in my mind if not for my beautiful students that I met up with today. Why is it that we forget who we were in our early years basing our life merely on our experiences of only a few years back. If I asked you to transport yourself to a time and place that you inspired others where would that be and who were you with.

If not for courageous students who had an inner calling to reunite with me I would've forgotten the girl that lived within me in my 20's. For those who don't know that since the age of 5 I always wanted to be a teacher - I remember telling everyone that one day I would be a teacher - I never told anyone what kind of teacher I wanted to be but today my students shared experiences they remember that inspired them to always remember me. Why is it that sometimes we forget who we are or who we have inspired. As my students greeted me they called me Miss Gianevsky - it immediately transported me to a time where each day meant so much and seemed to last forever. A time when my grandmother visited my classroom to inspire my kids and a time I still lived with my parents. My students still remember my parents and the names of my sisters.

I cannot explain in words how time stood still for me today - being surrounded by love of students who reminded me that I am still the dedicated teacher I always was and eager to love, laugh and care for the young girls who had become women in their own right with kids the same age as they had been when they first met Miss Gianevsky. One of my students remembers a book I bought her for her 6th birthday that she still has. Why do we forget the impact we have on others rather remembering at times lost dreams and focusing on them.

I realized today that Miss Gianevsky has always been the same - loves children, loves people and sharing all she is passionate about. I realized that even though I had become a Homeopath at the core of me lived a teacher eager to share all she had learnt. It wasn't until today that I realized my love of teaching was ignited long ago but if not for my gorgeous students I would've forgotten the dreams a younger Miss Gianevsky had.

My students today took time out to be with a teacher they loved and added to their positive memories and for this I am eternally grateful. They got to meet Miss Gianevsky again and this time they will sit with me to learn the tools to become stronger, healthier and more focused women sitting again with a teacher they let into their hearts again.

Thank you my dear students for reminding me of all my achievements as a teacher and the impact I have ad on your lives. I love you lots and am rewarded in knowing you again.

If you could go back to a time and place that was fun and filled with promise when and where would it be. For me it has to be the start of my career at Wembley Primary School meeting my amazing students. I thank you girls for igniting my flame and inspiring me to continue running my seminars and workshops always. I am so pleased I decided to become a teacher!