Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Arbonne Essentials Nutrition Bar, Infra Red Body Wrap & a swim

Day 4 of my 21 day challenge and feeling all revved up. With a nutrition bar by Arbonne that has just been handed to me after my body wrap I am feeling ready to take on my day. Do recommend these body wraps by Trim N Tone - Balwyn....I have a pep in my step all day long...the bar is so tasty and I only started it because of the natural ingredients...Wow I know that I am on a good thing today. I am having the best time since I made some New Year's Resolutions at the start of the year. It is always good to remember that when you make a choice to become healthier or when you set new approaches to your health regime make it fun, tell your friends to join you as you challenge yourself to the best you can be- after all it is the experience that lingers on and gives you the energy to focus on respecting yourself. I always love visiting places where staff are trying out my Fresh Start pack and hearing their many of us want to drop a few kilos and a pharmacist informed me yesterday that she had dropped 2 kilos while on the duo formulas I have combined in the Fresh Start Slim & Cleanse pack. Here I am on day 4 of my challenge having finished a very delicious bar, herbal tea and off to meet and be inspired the whole day through. The sun is shining and I feel so comfortable in my mind and body today and want to tell the whole world. Lisa you are a gem and hope to see you next Thursday for my next session...must get a few laps in today to ensure that I keep my challenge up to be the best I can be in January.... Keep smiling today and remember it's the only Thursday 10th of January you will experience in 2013....LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Chanel No 5, Protein Shake & Meditation

Good Morning, day 3 of my challenge to a healthier me in 21 days. If you haven't been following my last 2 blogs...Day 1 - Take hold of habits that no longer serve you and replace them with healthier habits for 21 days...Day 2 - Choice - how we treat ourself is a choice...choose respect...Day 3...started in an interesting way for I knew I had to speed through my morning as my weekly mindfulness meditation was scheduled for 8.15 in Port Melb. It seemed like any other morning but I made a decision - today was going to be special and my affirmation for the day ....I will dance through my day in joy, harmony and laughter. As I said this out aloud I looked over and there in the corner of my bathroom a lovely gift I received from a dear friend...a large tub of Chanel No 5 body cream. Usually I dab on essential oils and because Chanel No 5 holds such memories for me and I have always loved the smell , I decided to start my day covering my body with this beautiful body cream. The smell took me back to when I was 28 and in the background I heard that it was the start of the Australian Tennis at Kooyong...there in the midst of my morning I was taken back to when I was 28, in love and watching the tennis at Kooyong in joy, harmony and making the most of the experience...feeling uplifted, affirmation repeating in my mind and the smell of Chanel No 5 following me wherever I went ...down the stairs and into the kitchen as I was determined to have my smoothie this almond milk, my vital protein sachet, flaxseed oil, berries, yoghurt and blender...yummy...ran out the door and in the car had Pink's latest CD playing and if you haven't heard her latest CD I highly recommend song 15, 16 & between the music I kept repeating my affirmation. The traffic was super and in I drove in time for my first morning meditation in 2013. We decided to complete the 30 minute Mindfulness meditation from an app I purchased a while ago and if you haven't got an app on your phone for meditation please add this to your phone and wherever you are, whatever time you have then this app will assist you to still the chatter in the mind that prevents us from focusing on all that is important in our day. So there I was, lost in my meditative state of stillness and calm, embracing every second knowing that the 30 minutes would soon come to an end. Awakening from my meditation I have entered my day so very calm and I have taken my Habit Relief drops and my Liver Elixir and away I go. I invite you to make time for meditation and experience a different way of being... Wishing you a day of dance, joy and laughter, Susan x

Monday, 7 January 2013

How you treat yourself is a CHOICE

I have known for a very long time that it really is up to me what I decide to do on a daily basis. My choices will affect everything about my day and will determine if my day runs smoothly or I am confronted with episodes that don't make my heart sing. I have a number of habits that enable me to take charge of my day and I call them my personal rhythm habits that have been with me for over 20 years. Every morning without fail I write 5 things I am grateful for, charge downstairs add lemon to my glass of warm water with a dash of honey and start thinking about my day. As I start dressing I chew on Tissue Salts, take my habit relief formula and then select an affirmation for my day. Today it was...I choose happiness.. As I got into my car...traffic was heavier than usual, my tummy reminded me that I didn't have time to have breakfast, my eyes felt sensitive because of the sun's rays penetrating through my sunglasses but I kept reminding myself....I choose happiness in all that I do today. I realize that if I want new experiences in 2013 I need to create new goals and new habits around my goals. I have known for a very long time that it is the choices we make that will shape the rest of our lives. Everything we do, say, eat, drink, think, feel is a habit that is taking places eventhough we are not always aware. Through a combination of awareness, self management and purposeful action I have learnt ways to motivate myself into becoming more able to participate in the life that makes my heart sing. I have always shared with women who have attended my seminars that it is all about taking charge and reclaiming all that we want to be part of our life jigsaw. Being a woman I find it is so important to develop my emotional intelligence and learn better ways to manage my emotions as my hormones speak very loudly to me if they aren't respected and given all they need. I have also embraced my changing hormones as my dear friends that have become my barometer reminding me what I need to say and do. In 2013 I invite every woman to start by creating a loving relationship with thy self and being kind to the goddess that lives within. I know if I want to lose a few kilos I need to create new habits around my day that will lead to this. I know that I cannot just want something without taking some action. If you have woken up today not loving the goddess within...sit quietly and find out might even be as simple as picking up the phone and letting a friend know that you are tired of a few things and ready for change. Change can only happen when we are tired of a way of life that is no longer serving us... Always remember that it takes 21 dayys to change a habit. What good habits do you want to create for yourself in 2013...are you ready for the challenge...come on the journey with me and let's make today day 1 towards a happier and healthier self... TAKE CHARGE - YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE - YOU MAY FIND THE CHALLENGE ALLOWS A NEW WOMAN TO BE IGNITED...START FEEDING THE FLAME

Sunday, 6 January 2013

It's all about HABITS....

Happy New Year and may 2013 be a great year filled with you achieving all your set health goals...I am sure many of you have already created a list called New Year's Resolutions for 2013...for a few days, weeks you will look at them and then your 2012 mind set creeps in and you say...maybe next month...I find that the more we say I need to take a bit more care in what I eat, I need to go to the gym, I need to start going for a walk each day, I need to go on a diet the more overwhelmed we become as our habits always always amazes me that the same material is published in January each year...lose weight and feel great...7 top tips to feeling great in Summer...2 day Cleanse & Detox and lose a few kilos...all these are set up for failure unless we prepare the mind and body to be able to accept and move into change. The only way this can be done is by providing the mind and body with the nutrition it needs to not crave for the habits that have been part of your life for years..losing weight isn't simply about giving up foods you love but rather it is about creating an internal dance that supports your mind and body to become ready for the change you are believing will lead to better health. Over the years I have watched so many women try to lose weight, join a gym, give up smoking and every time there is this war that goes on...after a few days or weeks the women I meet say it just didn't work...I am lazy, I won't ever get this weight off even after they have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the process. My belief is that we need to work in with our mind and body and create the internal cellular balance necessary for change to take place and select a health regime that is suitable for our body type and current lifestyle. Only when we change our habits around the foods we currently eat can we accept new foods in their place. What often happens when we choose very strick diets- initially seem right but we find ourselves cheating and not knowing why we are even heavier than when we started the diet. In all honesty how can someone who is dependant on alcohol and fatty food drop this over night without craving...are we crazy putting ourselves through this... let's make 2013 a year that we respect ourselves enough and realize that everything we do is a process and depends on a positive mind set that enjoys good sleep, balanced mood, calm thoughts and eating food that accelerates our internal health rather than further depleting us. Ask yourself these 3 questions... What do I want to do about my health in 2013? What is stopping me from achieving my goal weight? Do I need to stop or reduce my drinking and smoking? Answering these questions will motivate you to begin the 2013 change alot quicker than simply saying I must stop eating chocolate, bread...have you noticed that the more you say you won't do something the more you do it... Take a deep breath and begin to embrace change as a natural part of being you...only when we accept a change for 21 days does it become a habit...the aim is to create healthy habits and over time they will take over the unhealthy step at a time... To learn more on my unique Fresh Start pack that includes my award winning Habit Relief formula visit