Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A pumpkin latte & wonderful memories

Today I decided it was time to experience a pumpkin latte. Staying in a beautiful hotel with a Starbucks as I walk past the main desk - I think maybe I will stick to my favorite - cinnamon latte but I decide no it's time to embrace the pumpkin latte - with thanksgiving in a few days and pumpkins everywhere I think it is a pumpkin latte for me. Delicious, warming, tasty and touches my soul as I recap all this trip has given me. I started with an idea of what might happen on my trip and never believed I would be sitting so close to snow covered mountain tops eating pasta in Courmayeur Italy to then landing in Canada seeing the products I have formulated in every health store I visit. I see the Schuessler Tissue Salts on top shelves smiling at me as they have found another home so far from Australia. I greet Canadian practitioners who eagerly want to learn more about Schuessler and the homeopathics I have formulated that they don't look up taking notes trying to capture all I am saying. I hear practitioners saying hw much they love the Kidz Mineral range I formulated many years ago and how much Healthy Appetite has helped little kids eat more of their food rather than being picky. I look at everyone and realize that I have never seen their faces but I feel I know them. I wonder around the room asking - did we meet last year? I wonder what it is that makes us feel we have met in the past - maybe we really are all energy connecting and feeling comfortable to inspire each other wherever we land. I started my journey on what would've been my grandmother's 100th birthday to das spent thanking the day my friend gave me Kali Phos over 20 years ago. I say thank you to my dear friend Dana for creating an amazing platform and allowing me to connect to people I would never have met before and a thank you to Martin & Pleasance for providing me with the opportunity to do all I dreamed of doing - sharing from my heart and creating medicines that would impact cells in the body and mind like no other. I also pay tribute to my clients I met 17 years ago who taught me that we all have habits and that freedom can only be ours when we give the cells the nutrition they need so we can break free in our own time. I am all that I am because of my experiences, friendships and platforms that have been provided for me along the way. My teaching degree has served me eventhough I left the classroom to study Homeopathy. What if everything we start has a way of weaving a web that supports us to land in a more comfortable place that we continue walking towards happiness... As I sip my pumpkin latte I wonder what my next adventure is ....I will make sure to rest before I take off's to all the people who have made me fab hot lattes and to my new friendshipsx