Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Creating a health platform for the rest of your life

What a wonderful night I had Teaching last night in WA - I met 75 people I had never met before and before the end of the evening we had exchanged hugs. The love and warmth in the room was most uplifting for me and it enabled me to do what I love best - inspiring women to move closer to their optimum health. If only we realized that we are totally responsible for our own health at all times. I reminded the group yesterday that our cells speak to us daily and all we need to do is be there for ourselves at all times...must dash now. Enjoy all that you are and all that you do! Susan

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Finding time to be kind to everyone you meet

I have had the best day sharing and caring all that lives in my heart. I find that when we love what we do, we just want to share it with others. I met an amazing Japanese tea merchant and the care and time he took to pour and inspire me to try his tea was such an uplifting experience. In a space of 1/2 an hour I had sampled 4 different types of green tea and all was part of an experience because of his passion. I ended up buying some of his favorite green tea and the smile on his face was contagious as though he knew that his tea would inspire me throughout my day. It was knowing in his face that was what touched my heart.

There are moments in our day that we can uplift another soul and the gift is immense. What if making someone else's day is more about you rather than the other person. Injecting happiness in another can have numerous health benefits - beyond what we can measure initially. By continuing to Share our passion, we continue living in our passion- a wonderful way to keep our dream alive - keep dancing, Susanx

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Optimize your health with Tissue Salts

Everyone of us can reclaim our health daily by respecting our cells. The health of our cells slow down our aging process, help us fight off infection, encourage weight loss, speed up the nutrient intake via our blood stream and ensure the organs in our body are able to continue their proper functioning. It never ceases to amaze me how many supplements some people choose to swallow a few times per day in the belief that they are moving closer to optimum health. Spending hundreds of dollars monthly on supplements won't assist your health unless your cells are healthy and able to metabolize all that is coming into your body via the mouth.

Simply swallowing digestive enzymes before each meal and supplementation will not assist without Tissue Salts. Tissue Salts naturally improve your digestion by firstly balancing your PH balance enabling you to digest better. I find it hard to believe that women are still only swallowing large pills to lose weight. Some are taking up to 15 per day with the belief that this will be the answer to speedy weightless. Let's remember if you are carrying weight then your metabolism is sluggish due to imbalances in your digestive tract. Often the gut is acidic making it even harder for the pills to break down. By simply adding Nat Sulph and Nat Phos from the Tissue Salt range a few time each day alongside your favorite detox or slimming regime will provide you with a healthier and more effective solution to effective weight loss.

Keeping your cells happy needs to become your first priority and then all else will follow. I am pleased that Tissue Salts are still prepared the traditional way - mortar and pestle. Also, available now are Tissue Salt sprays is you are lactose intolerant. I have a correspondence course on Tissue Salts that I have written and can be accessed via Martin and Pleasance website -

Let's all take responsibility for our health and Wellbeing on a daily basis so we can honor the Goddess that lives within each of us

Dance, Sing & Shine, Susan

Friday, 11 November 2011

Supporting the sisterhood with love & integrity

I had the time of my life on 11.11.11 in Port Melb hotel - I love networking and sharing with other woman. Every time I create a platform for women to get together it is always supported by love and integrity. A group of woman got together last night and the energy was so uplifting that it felt as if we were the only people there. There were no pressures on anyone that came except to just be and enjoy. This is where the power of the sisterhood was felt. Laughing, talking and listening Positively lifted everyone who came.

It made me think what if we just followed what felt right Within our soul how happy would we be. A year ago I hadn't met these girls but today I stand enriched by each of their lives, knowing about their lives, kids, husbands, pets and what inspires each of them. I even learnt that 2 of my new friends are belly dancers and we plan to have a group session in December. When my friend spoke of her dancing she lit up like a Christmas tree and I knew at that moment we were all validating her. This would not only further inspire her but her whole family. Why - happy mum =happy family!

As the night progressed the smiles on everyone's face seemed permanent and I knew this has a positive effect right down through to the cell networks that carry each of us. Women who hadn't connected in the past all received hugs and they too became members of a sisterhood that was created on the spur of the moment.

I jumped out of bed as though I had bathed in love, happiness and compassion - how good does it feel to be part of this. Being born a woman is a life pass into the sisterhood and I highly recommend we connect to assist with the pressures daily life puts on us.

Our health can be fostered through communicating and feeling part of the sisterhood. Connect with your sisterhood and dance, sing and shine this weekend! Enjoy, Susanx

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Accelerate your health daily

As women we are always on the run, trying to juggle so many things and still feeling that we don't do enough.  It's time that we all stood still and reclaimed our health by doing something for ourselves each day that accelerates our wellness.  Waking up and starting the day with a glass of warm water, 1/2 - 1 lemon squeezed and a spoon of manuka honey will get you activating the inner you within a few minutes.  Sitting quietly and writing a gratitude list is another way of starting that day focusing on what is working in your life...then making a list of all that you plan to cover in the day is another way of ensuring you get all that you plan completed...this simple task makes many of us focus on our plans rather than everyone elses...I don't know about you but the amount of detours in my day are growing and by the end of the day, I haven't completed all that is important to me...part of doing things for ourselves is remembering that we too have needs and our needs need to be met also. 

You may not realize that living in a rush daily impacts on our cellular health and wellbeing. Our nervous system is impacted when we rush around, try and meet deadlines, eat on the run, have poor sleep and live in relationships that don't nurture our soul...As women are such givers we forget that we too need to be validated and supported...we often learn this when we get run down and don't have as much energy...if only we remembered to take care of our self on a daily basis we could always live in a healthy mind and body... 

5 R's for good health - Respect, recognize, reward, reclaim, rejuvenate the self on a daily basis...and slow down your own ageing clock...shine, dance and sing...Susanx