Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Surround yourself with Women on 8 th March

I have been celebrating International Women's Day for over 25 years - a day that was introduced to me when I lived in Europe as a younger woman. It is such a big deal in Europe and when I came back to live in Melb, I made it my special event to surround myself with women so we can all sing, dance and shine remembering all that women have done over the years.

I want to remind women to look within themselves and say thank you to the little girl who has walked with them when they have had memorable moments, sad moments, ecstatic moments ... The little girl who is always there supporting you to get through your day.

I invite every woman to make 8th of March a day where they unite with their soul sisters making it an even stronger force - call a friend and share, go out with a group of friends, write a gratitude note to all the women who have supported the freedom of women's rights.

We are where we stand because of all the women in the past who took on challenges So we can enjoy the freedom we do today.

Most of all I am grateful to my mum who had a wish for all her daughters to continue in the path of education. To you my dear mum, I dedicate this upcoming International Women's Day!