Wednesday, 15 August 2012


We are all aware how much Anastasia cares for Christian and soon she may start worrying about his busy schedule and meet a naturopath who suggests a cleanse or detox is great to do before Spring or for more vitality. With all the cleanses available in the marketplace which one should she choose? There are 1000's of them to select from all promising the same result - healthier liver, improved digestion, more vitality but are we just a liver or a body - isn't our body governed by our mind also - shouldn't we also cleanse the mind from unhealthy habits that often derail a cleanse or detox followed. If Anastasia asked me what cleanse would assist her loved one I would definitely say that a cleanse that fine tunes the cells of the mind and body to better absorb nutrients from diet, supports improved sleep, deals with overindulging and jump starts the liver to rebuild, regenerate and deal with the build up of grief that is always neglected and can add to the toxicity that live in our cells each day for the rest of our lives. So many today are caught up with losing weight and they punish their body for not behaving the way they want it to so they literally starve themselves wondering why their mood drops. Good food is part of the wellness jigsaw but so is a happy mindset, so is a healthy digestive tract, regular bowel movements and regular internal hydration are part of the jigsaw that determine how we feel, look, age, lose weight... Many years ago I realized that if I didn't treat my clients unhealthy habits while supporting them to cleanse their liver I would never have received the results I did. My unique Habit Relief took years of research to formulate a unique combination of micro dose minerals with homeopathics that can link and support your mind as your step into a healthier you. Why would anyone begin a cleanse that doesn't provide the mind and body with the ignition to enjoy an overall Fresh Start? A Fresh Start that doesn't punish you but rather acknowledges the core of you - every cell of you mind and body. My message to Anastasia would be that in order for the body to cleanse and maintain momentum you will need your mind backing you. The brain cells are your driving force and when they are healthy you are motivated, jumping out of your skin and you feel amazing - this is how you need to feel if you would like your body to become the design that you want it to. It is time to make your cleanse an enjoyable adventure where you get to meet you again. Celebrate your Fresh Start by thanking your mind and body duo that are there with you every step of the way. When we want a healthier sea change we need to ensure that our jigsaw is taken care of if we are going to shine from the inside out. So here's to you Anastasia for caring enough for your Mr Grey to go for the superior cleanse that allows the mind and body to sing the same song.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Thank you Sally Pearson & Anna Meares

I haven't followed the training sessions that both Sally & Anna were involved in to prepare for the Olympics but the minute both girls received media coverage,   they were part of my living room. I felt  this real urge to follow all they were doing. I always set my alarm to follow their movements without worrying what time in the morning it was. I just fell in love with these two women I have never met but they both reminded me of the inner drive I had when I started thinking about creating a natural formula to help people break free from their lifestyle habits.

Sally & Anna reignited the flame of what it means to have a dream - a dream that we hold close to our heart, a dream that many assist to derail us from,  a dream that uses up all our funds, a dream we give up on from time to time, a dream that we know deep down we cannot give up on...a dream that walks with us each day...

I felt the joy flood from my heart knowing that both Anna & Sally would have gone through the same ups and downs we as women go through to achieve our dream. The inspiration that I felt still echoes through me and I can still visualize the look on their faces when they knew they had reached their dream.

We are all so busy, moving from one idea to the next but it only takes a few minutes each day to re-focus and re-charge ourself. . Make a choice right now to write down what you are striving for and each day start walking in the direction of your dream. You are allowed to go for GOLD and what we learnt from Sally Pearson & Anna Meares is that it is possible. You too can do it! Let's remember when Anna Meares broke her neck - I am sure she had days when the negative mindset would step in and say "no way" BUT this is the inner drive that should inspire each of us who have given up on a dream! You too can do it - you are a woman after all:
Abundant &

Step into the goddess that lives within you and let's all be part of the winning journey these two amazing women have experienced. Begin to HONOUR yourself and ignite the flame that will inspire you to be the best you can be - set yourself free to SHINE!

Sincere thanks Sally Pearson & Anna Meares for Inspiring me to continue dreaming...

Monday, 6 August 2012

Only 24 days before Spring

The minute I see blossom showing up on the trees in my neighborhood I know it is only a few weeks before my birthday. I start asking myself where have the days gone and what will it take for me to shine again from the inside out. I have many options but stick to my tried and tested homeopathics combined with Schuessler tissue salts to weave their balance deep within my cell membrane creating the platform for  vitality to be enjoyed by me this Spring.

I have become an indoor girl this Winter drinking more hot chocolates than the year before and wondering why the ring around my tummy is stating put for the time being. My mind knows i need to exercise and cut down on the delicious hot chocolates but my body just enjoys what it is used to- A warm blanket wrapped around my body, a good book and taking it easy when i am home. Te whole concept of change isn't as easy to embrace as years before. Am I becoming set in my ways?

No I say to myself - it s time to pull it together and get ready for Spring and my birthday - I realize that I have been eating a few extra snacks of late and my energy levels haven't been the best. I have avoided becoming unwell as I have been working on my immunity but those few extra kilos must go before Spring.

I realize my habits have a mind of their own and I keep telling myself today is the day i will start back at the gym, drink more water, meditate and reduce my snacking - isn't it funny that the more we focus on what we won't do the more we do it !

can already feel and smell  Spring and know that if I don't act today , I won't tomorrow and the next day! I realize I need to cleanse my mind and body and step into the new me in a few weeks. Here I will be different this time as I will be targeting my liver and my habits at the same time  - after years of experience I have come to believe it is our unhealthy habits that always get in the way - wish me luck!