Sunday, 30 September 2012

My serene space

I have been part of a town called Burlington - Oakville and this is where I had my first Cinnamon latte, my first visit in the new Goodness Me training room and the first time I sat amongst some ducks who love Lake Ontario. I sat with them as they circled around me and I felt part of the ebb and flow of this peaceful space in Canada. Walked through Oakville yesterday after teaching my final seminar for 2012 in Toronto before flying out to Ottawa and was touched by the friendliness that surrounded me. I watched how everyone who came to my seminar gave me a hug and the welcome I received when I walked into stores - Canadians just love the Australian accent which surprises me. I think we need to lift our game and try to become a bit more welcoming and gentle as a nation like the Canadians I have met. I travel with an amazing woman called Dana who is so compassionate and caring that makes my stay here so comfortable. She books hotels that inspire my soul and seminars that allow people from all walks of life to meet me. I know without Dana my stay wouldn't be such a memorable one in Canada. It is the friends who touch our hearts that make a place special. A place no matter where in the world needs people who will take us by the hand showing us places that will become part of our life jigsaw that belong to us. Have you ever met someone and you know that you will have an amazing adventure with them eventhough you are from opposite parts of the world. My sincere gratitude goes to my friend Dana who has taken care of everything and still continues to surprise me with an infectios smile each day. I thanked the lake, the people I met and the ducks that allowed me to sit with them today. I am now ready to fly out to Ottawa to share all that lives in my heart on Schuessler and my experiences to date. Dancing, communicating and freedom are part of all I do in Canada

Friday, 28 September 2012

So far from home but home

I have been traveling for a few weeks but don't feel very far from home in Canada. As I sit watching the beautiful views Lake Ontario provides. Sun is shining and there is a peace that lives in every cell of my body. I have just finished my first cinnamon latte and have time to just be and be grateful for all that I experience in this beautiful space, city I find myself in for a few more days. I look around thinking I will see someone I know but I remind myself I am in Canada and not Australia. After years of creating a formula and many asking drop it to now be in Canada speaking to health professionals on my unique Habit Relief that was inspired from my years spent helping clients restore inner balance when their unhealthy habits took a hold of them. Without my clients and their response to Schuessler Tissue Salts I wouldn't have the confidence to take my formulas around the world as I do today. Years ago when I studied Homeopathy I never thought traveling and speaking on my experiences would have such an impact. I realize now that timing is everything and when we have a dream it is important to keep chipping away and only share with people who can support by listening and letting you find your way. It hasn't always been smooth sailing holding onto my dream and taking the turns necessary to keep my dream alive but I am so happy I stayed on my yacht when the seas became very choppy as I have landed in a space that I can share my unique formulations. It has made me think that we are so quick to give up on our dreams to please or even at times we believe others know best. We know what is best for us and only when we sit still and find a way to work from our heart can we make a difference. Passion cannot be bought but is rather an experience that touches us deep within our soul and we know we can only speak from this base. A woman at one of my seminars said - "Susan you speak from the inside out" - thinking about this I realize that only when we go within can we make a difference on the outerx Passion to me means Persistence Acceleration Support synchronicity Inspiration Openess Never Give Up ....what are you passionate about? Perhaps being at home really is about the mind & body balance that we carry around with us wherever we go. I am grateful for all who have touched my heart on my journeyx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sitting in the middle of Europe

I have spent 5 days living in an amazing place called Courmayeur - Aosta - what a delight to be sitting here chatting with the locals who teach me about this amazing place. I am surrounded by the most amazing mountains. Today Barbara who owns Hotel Dalonne tells me this is the most mountainous region in all of Europe. The moment I arrived here I realized my heart, soul and all that is part of me was at peace. I hear the race through my communications. I came to teach ere but I discovered that Schuessler had inspired me to be part of a world I would not have met had it not been because of my passions. I am so grateful for my love affair with Schuessler and where it takes me around the world. To Courmayeur I say thank you for all you gave me and for the inspiration to share in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I speak little Italian eventhough I studied Italian for years. Yet my little Italian doesn't stop me from sharing with everyone I meet. As I was walking out of a cafe a woman called my name and I was asked some questions about Schuessler Tissue Salts that I answered and off I went walking towards my hotel. It made me realize that when we love what we do we never stop sharing from our hearts. Find something that makes your heart sing and you will be amazed where it takes youxx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Jan Luca & Teresa

I found myself spending so many hours up in the air making my way to Milan. By the time I arrived I was so tired forgetting the day it was and how to best get to my hotel. There weren't any taxis close by and so I started to ask for directions and before I knew it my luggage was taken by someone who came from behind me and informed me my hotel was close. Finally I arrived greeted by the staff at Hilton Milan and I realized I was on the other side of te world. I knew that I had to rest as I had to be up at 5am to catch a cab tote Milan bus depot to make my way to Courmayeur in time for the opening of the conference I was speaking at. Can you imagine my surprise when I checked out to be told that my ticket for Courmateur was for a day prior. I had not checked te date on my ticket believing all was fine. The taxi arrived and it was still dark and all I could think of is what am I going to do with no ticket showing the correct date. Arriving at bus depot I asked the taxi driver where do I go. He pointed his finger and rushed to take my luggage out of his car. I was alone, without a valid ticket, dark and not speaking Italian. With my luggage I made my way into the depot where the lights were on. This is where I approached Jan Luca - he quickly came out of his area to show me where the bus was to arrive. He had little English but kept staying with me which I found comforting. I knew I had to catch a bus in 25 mins yet I couldn't get my ticket upgraded as te office was closed. Still Jan Luca reassured me all will be fine. I started to feel more relaxed and a woman walked past tat knew Jan Luca and she was introduced to me. Her name was Teresa and before I knew it the 3 of us were enjoying an Italian coffee - Teresa looked after my luggage while I was escorted to the little cafe close by. I was touched by the dedication of these two souls who tried so hard to communicate with me and went out of their way to make sure I make my way to the right bus ensuring I make my way to Courmayeur. I was amazed at Jan Luca who liaised with the ticket office staff trying to explain that I already had a ticket from Australia...had it not been for the support of Jan Luca and Teresa I would not have had such a positive outcome in a foreign country. It made me think, how do we all behave when we see someone needing help? Do we go out of our way or do we turn a blind eye? If Jan Luca & Teresa were not so generous with their time I wouldnt have the fond travel memories I do sitting here writing from Courmayeur. I sincerely thank my 2 angels who supported me on Friday morning on my travels and i am inspired to ask everyone to make a commitment to help a stranger as you never know when you may be in a place that is foreign and need the help of an angel. Sincere thanks to my two new friends for finding it in their heart to speak to a stranger. While on the bus I kept thinking about my experience and I was so grateful that I was reminded about the human spirit. We need to become like Jan Luca & Teresa and embrace a stranger - maybe the world is really smaller than we think - one people, one heart, one way!