Thursday, 23 May 2013

Are you getting enough sleep?

Since I was in my 20's I have been observing my sleep patterns as I started my life as a light sleeper. I have always known since studying natural medicine that a good night's sleep is crucial for the mind and body to unite and recover during the night. For shift workers it is usually during the day that they need to sleep but keeping an eye on your sleep cycles is crucial to better understand the direction your health is taking over time. Over the years I have been reading on the importance of sleep and hormonal health. Insomnia in women causes hormone imbalance and can worsen the symptoms of menopause as the mind and body need restful sleep for the hormones to do their job properly. Sleep repairs, rejuvenates and restores the balance needed and did you also know that sleep can further assist with reaching your weight loss goals...instead of blaming your hormones it may be best to ensure you get regular good sleeps and you will be reaching your target weight much faster as well as your ensuring that your hormones are doing their work for you. Ongoing poor sleep can lead women to heart disease, weight gain, diabetes....chronic stress, night sweats, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, poor concentration, irritability are all linked to poor sleep patterns. Estrogen is a sleep balancing hormone. During peri menopause and menopause it is common to have such a deficiency and your sleep is first to be disturbed. Women who get a good night's sleep are likely to feel like they are more in control of their day and able to feel a sense of achievement. Their skin glows, hair shines, digestion is functioning at a better level and the positive cycle continues. Rather than trying to blame our body for not working the way we want it to work, lets become more conscious as women to find a system that restores our inner balance so we can continue achieving all that makes our heart sing. I have spent years coming up with a system that makes my cells sing throughout the day and rest during the night and I feel I have finally come up with the pack that I recommend for all hormones haven't felt so inspired in such a while and now there is nothing stopping me from shining from the inside out... I now find that no matter what is happening in my life I am better able to get on with it...the tears have slipped away and the irritability and fatigue are no longer part of me...thanks to Martin & Pleasance Harmony PMS which now has included Vit D3 & B6. I have continued with Comb 5 a few times per day and my first formula I created that is part of the Martin & Pleasance range Sleep Relief that I use a few times in the evening when I get home... I find now I wake up full of energy and am even able to complete my 10,000 steps at least 4 x per week. My sleep has finally been restored and is no longer more 3am TV for me ...I am a woman on a mission to share with every woman I meet this amazing package that has restored my sleep, my mood, my cellular health and most of all my skin...I now love my hormones and thank them each day for doing their work to restore the inner me to dance through the day and sing a song of health... Here's to your hormones - keep them well nourished and they will look after your too...

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Schuessler Tissue Salts are not the same as Blackmores Celloids

I have been using and promoting Schuessler Tissue Salts for over 20 years and it comes as a surprise to me that many people still believe that there isn't any difference between Tissue Salts, Celloids and other minerals sold in the many health stores and pharmacies around Australia. The other day I was speaking on Tissue Salts and a practitioner said don't worry about giving me any Tissue Salts I already take the Celloids. There is a huge difference in the delivery between Tissue Salts and Celloids. Tissue Salts are homeopathically prepared minerals. They stimulate cell metabolism, provide the cells with minerals, and ensure that the minerals which the body ingests in food are evenly distributed. Common mineral tablets such as celloids or other mineral supplements have similar properties but they are needing to be broken down in your gut and build the minerals your system needs. Tissue Salts support healing processes in the body by regulating mineral levels in the cells. They were developed by Dr. Schuessler at the end of the 19th Century and I see them as the train drivers delivering the minerals where they need to be in the body by having the ability to navigate their way into the cell membrane. When you are on medication like blood pressure, antidepressants, cholesterol etc you are not able to swallow crude minerals but you can take Tissue Salts which will support you reducing the side effects from the medication. Tissue Salts being micro dose minerals cause many people to steer away rather than realizing that the cells of your body need the Tissue Salts in order for them to function effectively. I believe that your cells always remind you what they are low in. Many people continue taking large doses of Magnesium and still experience cramps and twitches believing that their supplement isn't assisting them. The problem is that the Magnesium ions are not available where they are needed. This simply means that the right Tissue Salt is not at the right place at the right time to remedy the disrupted distribution of ions. , so that the magnesium particles can reach the individual muscle cells and thus alleviating the cramping and the twitches... I had a GP call and she wanted to know what more Martin & Pleasance added to the Tissue Salts as her client was taking Mag Phos and she had fewer epileptic fits. The doctor couldn't be convinced as she was focusing on the very minute dose of mineral left in the tablet after it is triturated. We are becoming a nation so dependant on swallowing so many pills rather than asking themselves whether they can absorb what they are swallowing. All these years that I have been a health practitioner and am overwhelmed with the range of supplements that flood our shelves in health food, pharmacy and our homes I still find that there isn't a more effective way than Tissue Salts being added to your health regime to make it all more effective. I see so many women trying to swallow many many pills hoping to lose weight and we all know that carrying weight means a sluggish metabolism and thinking your body can break down the cocktail of pills without Tissue Salts is never going to happen. I spoke in Milan last year on Schuessler Tissue Salts and in Canada - my message is the same - if you want more energy, to accelerate absorption, to overcome health imbalances at the core level and to maintain a strong immunity throughout your life then Schuessler needs to become part of your daily other words Schuessler needs to walk with you each day supporting your cells every step of the way. I love the Blackmores range of Celloids and used PPMP especially with my clients who were drug dependant but I would not have achieved the results I achieved had it not been for the Comb 5 that was chewed alongside the PPMP - Celloids. Swallowing high doses of minerals is a waste of money but adding Schuessler Tissue Salts to all that you are currently taking will take you to a healthier destination natually. Your cells will tell you what they need - when was the last time your considered your cells. Your cells need to be happy and receive the Tissue Salts needed for them to look after the organs of your body. Visit to learn more about Tissue Salts and the support they can provide for you for very little outlay. I will continue being a Tissue Salt devotee as I haven't found anything that restores my inner balance as much as Tissue Salts do. They come in lactose or spray form. By simply chewing the minerals or spraying them into your mouth they are digested immediately without having to be broken down - effective, immediate and preventative treatment is provided by Tissue Salts. Thank you Dr. Schuessler for giving me a system of medicine that has made such a difference to the health of all my clients.