Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What makes me happy?

Women sharing and caring makes me happy no matter where I am in the world. Being born a woman to me means supporting another woman to reach her dream, listening with an open mind, being grateful on a daily basis and losing myself in clothing - I love clothes, love the way fabric feels on my body.

On days when I am tired, I find taking my homeopathic medicines, a vitamin B and some bright pieces of clothing allows me to get through my day. Over the years I have found that we as women need to embrace each day as time does fly.

I thought to myself when I was a younger woman I never really appreciated the body and mind that walked with me as much as I could have. It wasn't until the other day when I was trying on some jeans that I realized how much my body had changed. I said to myself from this day forward I will love my body, mind and health as it is a gift.

As I move through the years I know myself so much more and I say to women I meet-"if you don't blow your own trumpet, you might wait a long time before someone gives you the praise you deserve"

Step up and sing on your platform as you get ready for the best Xmas you have organized and surrounded yourself with women who inspire you. Seize the moment and realize it is all we have. Live in gratitude by acknowledging your achievements. You are unique after all and tell the world right now.

I feel blessed that I can continue networking and meeting women I wouldn't have otherwise met had it not been for my love of Homeopathy & Clothing!

Keep shining today and always, Susan

I thank you all for sharing and caring

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Staying positively upbeat this festive season

After hearing Xmas is only 13 days away, I wonder where the year has gone. I start thinking I haven't even started wrapping my gifts or making my plans for this festive season.this brings me towhees this message is heading. By focusing on what needs to be done we forget all that we have done in 2011.

Have you been kind to yourself this year?
Have you been grateful to family and friends for their support in 2011?
Have you shared your heart with loved ones?
Have you smiled when all seems to be going the wrong way?
Have you made said thank you for your journey through 2011....

If we are a ball of cells and our issues live in our tissues - staying positively upbeat is part of moving towards a healthier self daily. We forget that we are totally responsible for our health each second of each day we are given. Only when we take responsibility for staying upbeat can we feel the rhythm of health echoing in our cells.

When we lose our rhythm it is always good to ask our internal self for guidance - our intuition kicks in and we are needing to be gentle with the cells that make up who we are. Taking a break from all we are swallowing to stay healthy needs to be addressed.

If we are low in energy best to stay on A healthy diet, select tissue salts that build a healthy platform and take Homeopathis that create the dance uniting mind, body and soul.

Don't you think we owe it to ourselves to stay upbeat this festive season. This is the Xmas gift we can give ourselves - it beats all the expense. How can an expensive outfit sit beautifully on us when the rhythm in our cells is not upbeat.

Begin your 7 day plan today to stay upbeat and enjoy the festive season.

Honor the self and the self will always be there for you. Enjoy, Susan