Sunday, 6 January 2013

It's all about HABITS....

Happy New Year and may 2013 be a great year filled with you achieving all your set health goals...I am sure many of you have already created a list called New Year's Resolutions for 2013...for a few days, weeks you will look at them and then your 2012 mind set creeps in and you say...maybe next month...I find that the more we say I need to take a bit more care in what I eat, I need to go to the gym, I need to start going for a walk each day, I need to go on a diet the more overwhelmed we become as our habits always always amazes me that the same material is published in January each year...lose weight and feel great...7 top tips to feeling great in Summer...2 day Cleanse & Detox and lose a few kilos...all these are set up for failure unless we prepare the mind and body to be able to accept and move into change. The only way this can be done is by providing the mind and body with the nutrition it needs to not crave for the habits that have been part of your life for years..losing weight isn't simply about giving up foods you love but rather it is about creating an internal dance that supports your mind and body to become ready for the change you are believing will lead to better health. Over the years I have watched so many women try to lose weight, join a gym, give up smoking and every time there is this war that goes on...after a few days or weeks the women I meet say it just didn't work...I am lazy, I won't ever get this weight off even after they have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the process. My belief is that we need to work in with our mind and body and create the internal cellular balance necessary for change to take place and select a health regime that is suitable for our body type and current lifestyle. Only when we change our habits around the foods we currently eat can we accept new foods in their place. What often happens when we choose very strick diets- initially seem right but we find ourselves cheating and not knowing why we are even heavier than when we started the diet. In all honesty how can someone who is dependant on alcohol and fatty food drop this over night without craving...are we crazy putting ourselves through this... let's make 2013 a year that we respect ourselves enough and realize that everything we do is a process and depends on a positive mind set that enjoys good sleep, balanced mood, calm thoughts and eating food that accelerates our internal health rather than further depleting us. Ask yourself these 3 questions... What do I want to do about my health in 2013? What is stopping me from achieving my goal weight? Do I need to stop or reduce my drinking and smoking? Answering these questions will motivate you to begin the 2013 change alot quicker than simply saying I must stop eating chocolate, bread...have you noticed that the more you say you won't do something the more you do it... Take a deep breath and begin to embrace change as a natural part of being you...only when we accept a change for 21 days does it become a habit...the aim is to create healthy habits and over time they will take over the unhealthy step at a time... To learn more on my unique Fresh Start pack that includes my award winning Habit Relief formula visit

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