Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Chanel No 5, Protein Shake & Meditation

Good Morning, day 3 of my challenge to a healthier me in 21 days. If you haven't been following my last 2 blogs...Day 1 - Take hold of habits that no longer serve you and replace them with healthier habits for 21 days...Day 2 - Choice - how we treat ourself is a choice...choose respect...Day 3...started in an interesting way for me...as I knew I had to speed through my morning as my weekly mindfulness meditation was scheduled for 8.15 in Port Melb. It seemed like any other morning but I made a decision - today was going to be special and my affirmation for the day ....I will dance through my day in joy, harmony and laughter. As I said this out aloud I looked over and there in the corner of my bathroom a lovely gift I received from a dear friend...a large tub of Chanel No 5 body cream. Usually I dab on essential oils and because Chanel No 5 holds such memories for me and I have always loved the smell , I decided to start my day covering my body with this beautiful body cream. The smell took me back to when I was 28 and in the background I heard that it was the start of the Australian Tennis at Kooyong...there in the midst of my morning I was taken back to when I was 28, in love and watching the tennis at Kooyong in joy, harmony and making the most of the experience...feeling uplifted, affirmation repeating in my mind and the smell of Chanel No 5 following me wherever I went ...down the stairs and into the kitchen as I was determined to have my smoothie this morning...my almond milk, my vital protein sachet, flaxseed oil, berries, yoghurt and blender...yummy...ran out the door and in the car had Pink's latest CD playing and if you haven't heard her latest CD I highly recommend song 15, 16 & 17...in between the music I kept repeating my affirmation. The traffic was super and in I drove in time for my first morning meditation in 2013. We decided to complete the 30 minute Mindfulness meditation from an app I purchased a while ago and if you haven't got an app on your phone for meditation please add this to your phone and wherever you are, whatever time you have then this app will assist you to still the chatter in the mind that prevents us from focusing on all that is important in our day. So there I was, lost in my meditative state of stillness and calm, embracing every second knowing that the 30 minutes would soon come to an end. Awakening from my meditation I have entered my day so very calm and I have taken my Habit Relief drops and my Liver Elixir and away I go. I invite you to make time for meditation and experience a different way of being... Wishing you a day of dance, joy and laughter, Susan x

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