Monday, 18 March 2013

Stop punishing yourself - jump start your METABOLISM

I am so pleased to be meeting amazing women who achieve so much in their day but when it comes to their weight they feel like failures...many have tried every diet in the marketplace spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Weight loss is not a quick fix but a way of life. There is a strategy that needs to be in place for weight loss to be achieved and kept off. It is called the mind/body balance that needs to become the essence of all that you do in a day. Once this is fine tuned anything is possible. The aim of weight loss needs to be a comfortable journey that becomes a healthy habit rather than simply starving yourself to feel thin and say you have lost a few kilos. Your mind and body balance begins with regulating your minerals and ensuring that the 5 phosphates - Comb 5 in the Tissue Salts are supporting your central nervous system, your energy levels and ensuring that you are sleeping well. You may not be aware that all this is so important if you are keen to reach your weight loss goals. The other key factor is your METABOLISM. Your thyroid hormones regulate your body's metabolism which have far reaching physical effects if not in balance. These hormones will determine if you will have the internal stamina to provide your cells with the best platform they need to support you in reaching your weight loss goals. Simply taking a shake and replacing your meal is not a solution but rather a quick fix. A healthy eating plan needs to be fine tuned and the weight loss programme I endorse as my formulas are incorporated into their programme - Ultra Lite is about learning to eat real food that is healthy and good for the cells of your mind & body. Some known symptoms associated with underactive thyroid Depression Slow heart rate Fatigue Constipation Joints swollen or painful Swollen face, swollen eyes Excessive sweating Headaches Heavy or irregular periods Poor memory.... So many women I meet update me that they have poor digestion, don't sleep, bowel is non functioning and the list goes on...all this is so important to consider before going out and buying the latest weight loss fad. If you have any of the above symptoms and they are persistent it is important that you get yourself checked for underactive thyroid and so necessary to have your mineral levels read as well. Iron is so important and many women still believe that swolling an iron pill is the best delivery when it can create a bigger problem in the long run as it can further constipate and constipation means no weight loss. Every organ in your body needs to be functioning well for successful weight loss to take place. What is the use of starving yourself and become so hungry that you eat twice the amount you normally would. I am very pleased that I formulated Fresh Start 10 day Slim & Cleanse a number of years ago which includes the 5 micro minerals (Tissue Salts) I spoke about above but also 2 more Tissue Salts to support the metabolism and the nervous system along with over 20 homeopathics that create the mind/body balance so necessary for weight loss to be achieved. Consider eating well one of your habits and I am sure your organs and cells will do all they can to support you so this habit continues. I am running a Tissue Salt Workshop on the 24th of April in Port Melb from 6.30 - I will be speaking on Fresh Start 10 day Slim & Cleanse pack as the feedback from Canada, NZ and Australia has been great. if you are keen to attend contact me on

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