Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hypoxi & Fresh Start 10 day Slim & Cleanse...

I am so pleased that my unique Fresh Start 10 day Slim & Cleanse pack has introduced me to a weightloss method that I had never experienced. I remember walking into Bay Body Studio in Port Melbourne thanking them for promoting my award winning formula and before I knew it I was experiencing my first Hypoxi session. How amazing I thought - peddling and burning fat...I wondered how could this be...after a few sessions I realized that I felt fabulous. So many women ask will my Fresh Start support with fluid retention and lymphatic drainage and I say yes it will but how much better if you begin taking Fresh Start Slim & Cleanse and book in a few Hypoxi sessions to speed up the process...I have been informed that Hypoxi is an effective system as it promotes circulation - circulation promotes fat burning...the process begins. Many find it difficult to eliminate fat and cellulite from certain areas of their body despite a strict diet and extensive training...When circulation is poor, fat tends to deposit and is very difficult to be eliminated. The Hypoxi methos works as it strongly stimulates blood circulation in these problem areas. The 3 elements of the Hypoxi Method are: Vacuum Therapy Compression Therapy Fat Burning Exercise.. It is a joy to visit Robin at BayBodyStudio in Port Melb as I am treated like a VIP - she always has a plan of action for me and today I experienced HYPOXI - Dermology treatment for 20 minutes and thought how good is definitely goes hand in hand with all I speak about when it comes to successful weight loss. Getting the cells prepared to be cleansed and regenerated...your skin too needs to be exercised to remain elastic and smooth. I was informed by Robin that the connective tissue is gently stretched and compressed in a similar way a muscle is training. After a session and drinking my water bottle with 10mls of Liver Elixir today and taking my Habit Relief formula I must say I have felt so energized knowing that my mind and body are well looked after. What I have found is that HYPOXI, my Fresh Start Pack and a few long walks are making me feel and be the same weight I was when I was in my 30' be honest I feel like I am in my 30's feels good... Thank you BayBodyStudio & HYPOXI for coming into my life and giving me an opportunity to share my experience with every woman I meet. Today continues to be my Fresh Start into a healthier and slimmer life... I encourage you to consider both Fresh Start 10 Day Slim & Cleanse along with 10 HYPOXI sessions and feel the difference...WOW!

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