Thursday, 26 September 2013

What does Wellness mean to you?

I have been seeing the word Wellness in many more places these days...the word Organic seems to have crept onto more and more products in the marketplace yet more and more people seem to be living a half well life...what do I mean by the word half well...we are not seeing that wellness is as much part of our state of mood as it is about the state of our liver. I see so many people rushing to keep their liver in check yet they are just so lethargic, moody and unable to get a good night's sleep as their mind is on full alert and they think simply recharging the liver will give them the golden ticket to wellness... This morning while I was having breakfast in my favourite café I heard a women speaking about this amazing app that measures your sleep patterns, every calorie you eat, even reads all the labels on the food you select and it made me think about what on earth has this got to do with WELLNESS. My life is getting busier and busier and I watch the lives of so many women trying to manoeuvre their waking hours to ensure the family is happy that is makes me wonder how on earth can simply measuring calories will make your life easier and move you towards a space of wellness. Unless you make changes to the way you think, feel and live simply losing weight is not going to give you the happiness you are searching for. For me Wellness is about a rhythm that echoes to every cell in the body asking it to unite and becoming a guiding force that takes you on a journey of your choice...will you choose to live a life based on green living or a life based on reacting to the new fads that take charge of the way we behave around our eating style. We seem to be adding so much pressure on ourselves by thinking about every food we it fattening? is it high in sugar? did you hear in the news a few days ago...all the hype about low fat oils etc hasn't been based on solid research as everyone imagined...a bit like the skim milk debate. Now we have the media turning against Soy milk yet so many mothers only fed their children soy milk because they felt they were lactose intolerant...let's get a grip on trying to stay focused rather than being taken on the rollercoaster health ride. My view on Wellness is simple...move back to health basics...hydrate, break unhealthy habits, cleanse gently and focus on your strengths. Only when your mind is happy will the rest of your body be happy and well...a slim body is not necessarily the answer to a healthy & happy mind. I see so many people who are slim, beautiful and yet they are so very sad. Go within and ask I happy? am I wanting to make any changes to my lifestyle at this time? Is my health regime serving me or do I have a cupboard full of potions, lotions and pills that make be feel worse when I take them... I encourage that we apply the Trinity rule of health Limit your intake of health supplements to 3 and ensure that they support the mind, body & soul dance to move you to a space a good health and well being... Keep Shining, Sx

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